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Our company is a full service machine shop with large machining capabilities. While we specialize in tooling for the tubing industry we also have the capability to handle most any machining job. We also offer design and build services for small assembly machine, jigs, fixtures and gauges. We utilize the most current CAD/CAM software, which includes SolidWorks, AutoCad, Ez-Cam & Gibbs-Cam.

Our team also consists of seasoned machinists, with some working for our company for over 35 years. We have the experience and resources to handle some of the most complicated milling, turning and grinding that there is. We have a wide range of CNC vertical mills, CNC lathes, CNC bridge mill, boring mills, rotory and surface grinders as well as OD & ID grinders. We can cover almost any request with our resources and have the experience and knowledge to get it done right the first time.



  • CNC Bridge Mill
    (Max capacity is X 157", Y 78" travel)

    • Okuma MCV-20 Bridgemill

  • CNC Vertical Mills
    (Max capacity is X 64", Y 34", Z 30" travel)

    • 2 HAAS VF4 Vertical Machining Centers
      (Max capacity is X 50", Y 20" Z 25" travel)
    • HAAS VF-2SS Vertical Machining Center (Max capacity is X 30", Y 16" Z 20" travel)
    • HAAS VF5 Vertical Machining Center
      (Max capacity is X 50", Y 26", Z 25" travel)
    • HAAS VF6 Vertical Machining Center
      (Max capacity is X 64", Y 34", Z 30" travel)
    • Mazak VQC 20/40 Gentry Type Machining Center Mazak
      (Max capacity is X 39", Y 20", Z 30" travel)
    • Mazak H500/50 Horizontal Machining Center
      (Max capacity is X 28", Y 25.6", Z 25.6" travel)

  • Horizontal Boring Mill
    (Max capacity is X 74", Y 52", Z 34")

    • Wotan B105M

  • Manual Vertical Mills
    Max capacity is X 30", Y 14", Z 18" travel)

    • 3 Bridgeport Vertical Mills J-Head Model


  • CNC Lathes
    (Max capacity is 28" swing X 80" length)

    • Mazak Quick Turn 18 CNC Turning Center
      (Max capacity is DIA 11.81" & Lgth 19.69". Max travel is X 7.09" & Z 20.08")
    • Mazak Quick Turn 20 CNC Turning Center
      (Max Capacity is DIA 11.81" & Lgth 17.5". Max travel is X 7.125" & Z 20.125")
    • Mazak Quick Turn 30 CNC Turning Center
      (Max Capacity is DIA 12.5" & Lgth 39.4". Max travel is X 7.8" & Z 40.1")
    • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350 CNC Turning Center
      (Max Capacity is DIA 16.5" & Lgth 48.6". Max travel is X 9.375" & Z 27.875")
    • Mazak Slant Turn 450 CNC Lathe
      (Max Capacity is DIA 28" & Lgth 61". Max travel is X 14.75" & Z 63.25")

  • Manual Vertical Lathes

    • Bullard 46" Dynatrol VTL Vertical Lathe
      (Max Capacity is DIA 52" & Lgth 38", Max Swing 58", Vert Travel 38", Horizontal travel 24")

wire edm cutting

Wire EDM

  • Wire EDM Cutting
    (Up to 16.5" thick)

    • Makino U6 H.E.A.T
      (Max capacity is X: 25.6" Y:17.7" Z: 16.5")
    • The U6 H.E.A.T expands on the diverse capabilities of the U6 with enhancements to the flushing and filtration system to boost productivity.

Repair & Rework

Our team has years of experience in repairing or reworking tooling for manufacturing machines. Don't let your production operations suffer because of inadequate repair and rework options...let us keep you moving forward.



  • Blanchard grinding (51" corner to corner)

    • Blanchard Rotary Grinder Model 26D42

  • Surface grinders (Wet grinder up to 60")

    • Chevalier Reciprocating Surface Grinder (12" x 28")
    • Okamoto Precision Surface Grinder (16" x 32")
    • Mattison Surface Grinder (12" x 60")
    • Brown & Sharpe 618 Micromaster (6" x 18")

  • OD & ID grinding


Design & Engineering

Need a drawing or CAD model for your tooling? Let us provide that for you. We can also reverse engineer tooling and provide your company with the drawings needed for manufacturing.


Jigs, Gages, Fixutres & More

Our team has over 30 years experience designing and building jigs, gages, fixtures and some automation machines (without controls).

You have a project or job you want us to look at? We look forward to hearing from you!